Thursday, 26 April 2012

Beautiful, sexy, Brighton

I thought it would be nice to do a series of blog posts about some of the locations I featured in my Secret Library novella, The Thousand and One Nights. One of the locations was Brighton, England. At the end of the pier is a great little fun fair looking right out over the sea. One of the scariest rides there takes you up, up, up very slowly and then drops you at a thundering rate downwards so you leave your heart and soul behind you. As well as being erotica, my novella is a love story and that's one of the locations my hero and heroine Breeze and Seb begin to loose their hearts to each other.

Brighton really came to the fore with the patronage of the Prince Regent who used to wine, dine and generally indulge himself at the Brighton Pavilion.The Pavilion is a monument to extravagance a bit like Brighton itself which exists mainly as a pleasure palace.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of Brighton. Next time it will be St James's, one of the smarter parts of London, also featured in The Thousand and One Nights.

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