Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dark Nights celebrates London, hosting the Olympics

Dark Nights, my erotic novella has a hero, Seb Dark and a heroine, Breeze Monaghan but it also has another highly prominent 'character' - London.

Right now London is hosting the olympics with a fabulous opening ceremony. The ceremony brought out all the things about London which I feature in my novella. There is first and foremost the fun of London. I have an outrageous scene where the hero and heroine make love on a bed which has been wheeled onto the gallery of the Royal Albert Hall. Not only the Olympics, but the Proms are at present airing in wonderful London town - all the classical music you could possibly want (and possibly a load that you don't!) The idea of making love to music in a public place but where no one can see you is a crazy but fun idea. Also, my characters go down to the funfair in Brighton only a stone's throw from London. The seaside was one of the few aspects of Britain which I think Danny Boyle didn't feature. Apart from that the opening ceremony was fab. 'Dark Nights' which was originally published as The Thousand and One Nights in a 3-book version issued by Xcite has also been issued as a single title. I'm immensely proud to say the single title is now at number 31 in Amazon's top 100 erotic reads. If you want a bit of fun and a romp through London, do go and buy it!

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