Monday, 30 July 2012

Fabulous 5 star review for Dark Nights by Kitti Bernetti

Well, I couldn't have been given a nicer review if I'd written it myself (and I didn't I swear!). At first I thought my mum might have put this review up on Amazon but then again, she's of a different generation and I'm afraid Dark Nights is far too raunchy for her. So, if it wasn't my mum, who was it? I shall probably never know, but one thing is for certain, this review came out of the blue, dropped like manna from heaven and I'm delighted it did. It was so good and I am so grateful to the person who posted it that I want to offer them some lovely flowers and reprint the review here. Many thanks my kind, anonymous reader for thinking such nice things about my novella and for bothering to put your thoughts up on Amazon. You're a star!!! Here is that review:

An Erotic Thrill Ride

Borrowing the premise of the Arabian Nights tale of the 1001 Nights, Kitti Bernetti creates the intriguing tale of Breeze, who's stealing from her boss, Sebastian Dark (albeit for altruistic reasons), and finds herself having to taking him on an erotic thrill ride to keep him from having her arrested from theft. Of course, these two spiky characters start warming to each other, and as the action shifts from Brighton Beach to the Royal Albert Hall to the Ritz Hotel, the sex games grow wilder and the passion more intense.

You can buy Dark Nights by clicking on this link and help keep it at number #31 in Amazon's erotic reads top 100, still only .77p

Alternatively you can buy my novella together with two other novellas by the very lovely Sommer Marsden and the utterly delectable Primula Bond here. By the way when issued in the Secret Library book of three novellas, Dark Nights has been entitled The Thousand and One Nights.

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