Thursday, 2 August 2012

This is a book that puts the "b" into anal - read Victoria Coren's review

The wittiest review I've come across yet for 50 shades is by Victoria Coren (read it by clicking this link) who says, 'this is a book that puts the "b" into anal.' Now I haven't read it and I certainly wouldn't quarrel with a book that's selling millions. However, Victoria does have a very interesting take on why Christian Grey is so attractive and it's got nothing to do with whips and chains......

While I'm here, please forgive this shameless plug for my new short story, 'The Duchess and the Highwayman' which appears in the gorgeously covered anthology 'La Contessa's game' published by Xcite. Should you wish to help a struggling writer, you can buy it by clicking this link. Thank you!

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